ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Dec. 11, 2019 — LG Electronics (LG) is delivering a superior at-home cooking experience with its new LG InstaView ThinQ™ Range with Air Fry. The complete cooking solution integrates air frying and the company’s industry-first InstaView™ technology, paired with AI-powered advanced customer service and connectivity to smart cooking platforms in a sleek and seamless package.

With the 2020 LG InstaView ThinQ Range’s new Air Fry feature built in, users can create delicious, guilt-free dishes right in their oven. The new technology eliminates the need for small air fry appliances that contribute to kitchen clutter, and contributes to healthier cooking by alleviating the need for oil, as compared to traditional deep frying.  LG’s True Convection technology circulates hot air at high speeds for crunchy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside goodness that’s evenly cooked throughout. And because no preheating is required, meals go from fridge to table faster than with conventional ovens.

With InstaView technology, knocking twice on the oven’s glass window illuminates the oven interior for easy visual monitoring of the dish as it’s cooking. The feature alleviates the need to open the oven door unnecessarily, increases energy efficiency and reducing cooking times.

LG’s EasyClean™ and Self Clean technology help to maintain a cleaner oven for maximum performance with every use. Without chemicals, EasyClean removes light food residue with the power of steam in only 10 minutes, while Self Clean employs high heat to eliminate tougher splatter from the oven’s interior.

The advanced range works with the LG ThinQ app so users can cook like a professional right at home with access to hundreds of thousands of recipes from smart cooking partners such as SideChef, Innit and Tovala. Users can send step-by-step cooking instructions and exact temperatures tailored to selected recipes from their smartphone to the oven, helping dishes come out perfect every time.

The new range supports LG’s new AI service solution, Proactive Customer Care, to alert users of potential problems and provide personalized support. By connecting the oven to the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the LG InstaView ThinQ Range can be controlled via voice command and monitored from any room in the house.

The LG InstaView ThinQ Range with Air Fry will make its debut at CES 2020 on January 7 in booth #11100 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information about LG at CES, visit https://ces2020.lgusnewsroom.com/, and follow other exciting CES announcements from LG on social media using #LGCES2020.

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